About Us & Meet the Team

GolPhin, with its global headquarters based in Scotland, provides a holistic approach all designed to inspire kids towards discovering the virtues of golf. With a particular focus on kids aged 3 to 14, GolPhin has developed an innovative 5 Pillared service offering to help PGA instructors, golf facilities and governing bodies “Inspire Golf’s Next Generation”.

Founder and CEO Calum McPherson, a former scratch golfer with a business background in aerospace manufacturing, stumbled across the difficulties of introducing young children to golf when he tried to introduce his own kids Carla and Ben in to the game when they were just 8 and 6.

They hated it - the clubs were too heavy, they found it boring, their friends weren’t interested and the golf course wasn’t a kids friendly environment. So very politely asked their dad to take them to back to the football, the athletics and the dance classes where they could have fun playing with their friends - sound familiar ?

That was back in 2010, since then Calum and his highly enthusiastic and talented TEAM at GolPhin has created a suite of solutions to help make change happen.

Step 1 was to tackle equipment. Applying his wealth of experience from his previous business that transitioned from a golf club head manufacturing in the 70’s and 80’s to a high tech aerospace design and manufacturing partner to Boeing and Airbus, Calum designed and developed the worlds aerospace engineered golf clubs for kids. In partnership with Europe’s leading engineering university, guidance from The R&A and input from a group of PGA professionals, GolPhin’s products are played by 10’s of thousands of kids all over the world and are the product of choice for various organisations across the globe.

Additionally, Pillars 2,3,4 and 5 have been added, following a seven figure sum invested over the past 4 years. Resulting in GolPhin’s offerings of Education seminars and webinars, world class schools golf programmes, a digital platform for junior golfers and TEAM orientated competition, all Geared towards 3 to 14 year olds.

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Calum McPherson


After 2 years of research and development Calum founded GolPhin in 2011 and shortly after designed GolPhin’s first ever aerospace engineered, award winning clubs in 2012. A keen 4 handicap golfer who plays at West Kilbride Golf Club in Ayrshire, and also a former Scottish Boy Internationalist.


Alan Tait


Heading up GolPhin’s UK Operations, Alan is a PGA “Fellow” Professional with vast experience in the golf industry over the last 30 years”. Based in Edinburgh, he was also the first person to shoot an 8 under par 64 over the Championship Course at Carnoustie. A course record which stood for just over 23 years


Bruce McMaster


Heading up GolPhin’s Education side. Bruce is an MSc Graduate in Exercise Science and Sports Medicine from Glasgow University, with 10 years management experience across sports performance and local government education. Bruce leads the team to develop and deliver our innovative education offering with schools and youth organisations.



Liam Sullivan

Business development manager Liam is a PGA Professional based in Middlesbrough. He regularly competes in PGA tournaments in the North of England recording his first win in 2018. Liam is also involved in special projects and has recently spent time based in Orlando, Florida spreading the word about GolPhin.


Angela McCallan

Angela brings over 15 years of Customer Care Managerial experience to GolPhin and oversees the day to day operation of the office, as well as being the main point of contact for all MyPathway2Golf customers and queries.


Josh McCallan

Oversees order fulfilment and general customer enquiries, supporting the team with any IT and Logistical Issues.


Stephen Alfonso


As GolPhin’s first employee, Stephen has seen the company grow from strength to strength. He’s a jack of all trades and always ready to support the team with his Golphin know-how, specifically looking after logistics, events and orders for GolPhin.