GolPhin, based in Scotland where the game of golf originates, designs and manufactures Award-Winning junior golf clubs.

In particular, GolPhin have two ranges of clubs:
  • GolPhin For Kids (GFK) Range is designed for beginner golfers aged 3-10 years old.
  • Our Golphin For Kids Plus (GFK+) Range is designed for young golfers aged 7-12 years old who are looking to play in tournaments and competitive golf.

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Height Range 39"- 43.5" - GFK 324Height Range 43.5"- 48" - GFK 526Height Range 48"- 52.5" - GFK 728Height Range 52.5"- 57" - GFK 910 Red

Award Winning

GFK Clubs

Our award-winning GFK clubs are lighter than other kids golf clubs, and have a larger sweet spot for more great shots. Built with aerospace alloy, GFK junior clubs are easier to swing, helping kids keep balanced and to instinctively improve their golf swing.

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Height Range 48"- 51.5" - GFK+ 728Height Range 51.5"- 55" - GFK+ 910Height Range 55"- 58.5" - GFK+ 112

HIgh Performance

GFK+ Clubs

A high performance range of clubs to enable a transition from Beginners to Winners for kids aged 7 to 14. Designed in 4 stages, the club weight and shaft CPM (flex and torque) increases as the kids grow taller and increase their club head speed. GFK+ has been tested against all other leading junior clubs and proven to outperform all other brands.

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Our Reviews


My 2 sons are high level competetive junior golfers, and have been using Golphin irons (728's, 910's and now 112's) for the past 4 years. We couldn't be happier with the ways the clubs are built.If you have a kid that wants to play competitive junior golf, I would highly recommend these clubs.

Jon R

Birmingham, AL


My son loves his golf "sticks"! The large faces make striking a ball much easier and the grips are just right for his hands. He also loves carrying his golf bag on his shoulders with both straps. 10/10 would recommend to anyone else keen to introduce their children to golf.

Neil N

Chicago, IL


I am extremely happy with the goods which arrived well packaged and great delivery service. Also the telephone call I made to check the size before purchasing was extremely helpful. Great company and service 🙌 👌 👏

Rachel T

Los Angeles, CA


The clubs look great. They're for my Granddaughter, and I live in Canada, so she won't be using them until next summer. The service website was easy to navigate. The delivery was fast.

Brian R

Vancouver, Canada


What a brilliant company and superior customer service! I've not experienced online customer service like this for a long time. I'm very impressed and we can't wait to receive our order!

Julie C

Fresno, CA


These products are just superb. They are exactly what you need when starting your child on the lifetime journey that is golf. They are well designed with all three factors of head size grip and weight all clearly carefully considered and well thought out. If you’re looking to get into golf - these are the products for you.

Jonathan C

Orlando, FL